Rydals museum

Rydals Museum is home to the oldest working spinning mill in Sweden. The museum gives working demonstrations of the spinnig machines and describes the history of the mill. Welcome!

An old industrial community

Rydal is situated on the banks of the river Viskan, north of the town called Kinna. Due to the well preserved remains of an old industrial community, Rydal is of national interest. The factory, along with several other buildings, has been declared historical monuments. The museum tells the story of how the Borås region became the textile epicenter of Sweden.

A museum in a spinning mill

The old spinning mill now houses a public museum, a conference center, the handicraft boutique Akleja as well as several private businesses. The museum mainly focuses on the heritage of textile industry but also exhibits a variety of art, design and textiles. 

The first industry with electric lighting in Sweden

At first the spinning mill was powered by a waterwheel, mounted in an artificial channel which led water straight through the factory. The waterwheel was later substituted with an electric generator. It was the water power that gave the factory its electric lighting in 1882. This was the first time in Sweden that indoor lighting was produced by water power. Before the introduction of electrical lighting, the spinning mill was lit by kerosene lamps, which was very dangerous due to highly flammable cotton materials.

The Mark of Possibilities

In the permanent exhibition The Mark of Possibilities you can learn about the history of the region of Mark and tag along on a journey from the beginning of the days of industrialization, exploring the textile heritage up until today. Both children and adults can try on clothing, discover artifacts, play games as well as learn about local history through film and slideshows. There is also an audio section that offers local music and dialects.

The Yarn Merchants’ Manor Houses Tour – a cultural and historical cycle tour

A self guided cultural and historical cycle tour winding, like a thread, through the lovely textile districts of Sjuhärad, part of West Sweden. The route takes you across three rivers, over beautiful old stone arch bridges, and visits Rydals museum, Sweden’s oldest surviving spinning mill. You’ll stay in two small historic hotels, Lydde gård and Kvarnen i Hyssna.

Please call us and make reservation if a guided tour in english is desired.